Personal Insurance


Losing your home or personal belongings in a fire or from other damage can be tragic. Fortunately, you can find comfort in knowing you have the right homeowner insurance to protect against financial loss. GALIS/STEWART can help you choose an insurance plan that best fits your needs:

The Best Coverage – We help determine what coverage is appropriate for the value of your home and personal property

The Best Carrier – While we partner with many carriers, our agents help advise which one offers the best service and coverage for your specific need

The Best Discounts – Going one step further, Galis/Stewart strives to share insurance plans that provide our customers with policy discounts in addition to great coverage


If you ever have policy questions or need to file an insurance claim, GALIS/STEWART is here to guide you!


Homeowners Insurance

A standard homeowners insurance policy combines coverage for the physical home (replacement cost or actual cash value), personal property inside the home, and your liability as the homeowner. Loss of use coverage may also be available for a temporary move if you’re unable to live in the house due to damage caused by an insured loss. 


Condo Insurance

Owners of condominiums and cooperative apartments may benefit from having a condo insurance policy. Coverage may include the physical interior of the unit, personal contents, a modest liability limit, common areas (as required by your association agreement), and other structures such as a private garage. Optional coverage can be added for things such as rental/leasing exposure (short-term or long-term), increased liability or loss assessment limits, and separate loss assessment limits for earthquake damage.


Renters insurance offers personal property and liability coverage for tenants of apartments, single-family homes, or other rental properties. Coverage can include loss-related expenses such as damaged personal belongings, temporary living expenses, repair charges, debris removal, loss assessments, and credit card loss. Optional coverage that can be added to a renter insurance policy includes inflation guard, increased personal liability limits, earthquake coverage and special coverage for valuable items and collections.

Renters Insurance


Homeowners seeking coverage with a narrower scope may want to consider dwelling-fire insurance. This type of policy typically covers the physical home and other structures, personal property and temporary living expenses. The policy may not include personal liability, theft, and medical payments, for which you can purchase supplemental policies.

Dwelling Insurance


Auto Insurance


Are you covered if a tree falls on your car? What if you get hit by an uninsured motorist? It’s important to know that your auto insurance policy provides adequate coverage in the event of a claim, GALIS/STEWART is here to help.  

Determine which carrier offers optimum coverage, price, and service

Ensure you meet your state’s insurance requirements

Clarify exactly what your policy covers

Provide assistance should you need to file a claim


We will help keep your coverage up-to-date and deliver quick responses and trustworthy, personal service.


Personal Auto Coverage


As an auto owner, you are liable for the maintenance or use of an insured automobile. Personal liability coverage protects you against claims or lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage from a third party. Some states set minimum coverage amounts, while others mandate no-fault coverage. Some allow you to choose your liability limits. If you have questions or are unclear about liability coverage, we can help you decide the coverage limits you would feel most comfortable with having.



Medical payment coverage goes toward medical expenses for anyone injured while in an insured car.

Medical Payments


If an uninsured motorist or hit-and-run driver injures you, uninsured motorist coverage would pay for bodily injury and property damage. Underinsured coverage applies when damages exceed the at-fault driver’s liability limits. Some states require auto owners to carry uninsured motorist coverage unless you specify to waive it.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist


Physical Damage

Collision coverage protects against loss when your auto overturns or collides with another vehicle or object, regardless of fault. Comprehensive coverage applies to injuries due to fire, theft, weather, vandalism and other occurrences. As the vehicle owner and insurance policyholder, you have the option of determining the deductible amount for these two types of coverage. 


You may be interested in coverage options beyond a standard auto insurance policy. Ask GALIS/STEWART about auto insurance additions such as coverage for towing, car rental, and driving in Mexico.

Optional Additions


Personal Umbrella / Excess Liability


Standard homeowners and auto insurance plans offer reasonable liability limits for the average individual. However, there are instances where medical costs in a car accident or damage from an incident on your property cause the injured party to sue beyond your underlying liability limits. Having an extra layer of protection safeguards you from a severe financial loss when a claim exhausts the primary policy’s limits. Think of the liability coverage included in your homeowner or auto insurance as a raincoat and the excess liability coverage as an umbrella. The umbrella policy serves as extra protection over the existing home and auto policies. Ask us for more information about how you could spend a little extra per year to have excess liability protection over your insurance policies.


Recreational Vehicles / Watercraft


Whether it’s an RV, boat or ATV, special equipment requires special vehicle insurance. A minor claim can cause insurance premiums to skyrocket. Let GALIS/STEWART help you confidently answer the call of the open road or the lure of open water:

Find the carrier and an insurance policy that meets your specific needs

Gain protection for you, your passengers and your customized equipment

Meet state insurance requirements


Enjoy your recreational vehicles or boat with the peace of mind knowing that your insurance policy will cover everything you need.


Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle coverage can include damage to your bike and protects against liability claims arising from operating your motorcycle. It may also include coverage such as uninsured/underinsured motorist, medical for you and your passenger, roadside assistance, custom parts and equipment and unique policy options for custom and collector bikes. Most states mandate motorcycle coverage, and some have specific requirements for passenger liability insurance.


GALIS/STEWART offers a variety of recreational marine insurance programs. From small pleasure crafts to luxury mega-yachts, we work to provide broad insurance coverage for almost any vessel. We will work with you to create a boat insurance policy that will protect your vessel and equipment, liability, physical damage (caused by theft, fire, weather, damage in transit, sinking and other occurrences) and medical costs. Optional coverage includes emergency services for the boat or trailer and personal possessions coverage.

Boat Insurance


Standard auto policies may not adequately cover an RV, which is why you could benefit from having specialized insurance protection. Coverage can include protection of personal possessions not covered under homeowner insurance, as well as attached RV accessories such as antennas and awnings. Coverage that can be added includes towing, emergency lodging and transportation.

RV Insurance


Protect your all-terrain vehicle with physical damage and liability coverage by obtaining ATV insurance. This policy can also cover custom equipment and medical payments for you and your passengers.

ATV Insurance


Valuable Items / Collections


Standard homeowners insurance covers most types of personal property losses. But when your most prized possessions are at risk, you need valuable items and collections coverage. GALIS/STEWART works with you to tailor coverage for your valuables by:

Correctly listing each item and its worth

Choosing the appropriate coverage limits

Meeting requirements such as on-premise alarm systems

Understanding how losses will be settled


If you are unsure whether an item needs special insurance, we are here to help.


Coverage that goes beyond the usual dollar limits of standard homeowner insurance to protect items of higher monetary value.

Higher Limits


Generally covers all direct physical losses to property—even those not covered in a regular homeowners policy—unless a type of loss is specifically excluded.

Broader Protection


Floating Coverage

Protection generally moves with the property as it changes locations. Most policies cover the property anywhere in the world; fine arts, however, are usually covered only in the United States.


Coverage is generally detailed for each item. Collections can sometimes be covered on a blanket basis, and smaller miscellaneous items may be insured for a total value without scheduling each item.

Custom Policies


Valuable items coverage is typically available for items in the following categories:  



Cameras, projection machines, binoculars, telescopes

Musical instruments and sound and amplifying equipment


Golf equipment and clothing

Fine arts

Postage stamps and rare coins

Categories of Coverage